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USD3550 for 10 Days

The 10 day Southern Namibia safari explore the vast desert landscapes of Namibia. This Safari combines of landscapes, culture, adventure and history.
USD4850 for 10 Days

Our 10 Day Okavango Lodge safari Botswana is suitable for the whole family. Experience the cultures, wildlife and unique biosphere of the Okavango. 
USD4250 for 10 Days

The Kalahari Lodge Safari will lead you through the heart of the Kalahari. Experience the ultimate Kalahari Safari on this adventure.
ZAR38500 for 14 Days

14 Day Cape to Kgalagadi Safari explores the West coast, Namaqualand, Richtersveld, and Kalahari.Best of the Northern Cape.
USD4650 for 14 Days

The Etosha Okavango and Khoi San safari is part of the roads less travelled in Namibia and Botswana. Explore the wildlife of Namibia and the Okavango.
USD4900 for 14 Days

The 14 day Kalahari crossing safari will cross from Kgalagadi to Mabuasehube. Explore the best of the vast Landscapes of the Kalahari
USD3450 for 14 Days

14 Day Namibia Camping Safari is the best value for money adventure in Northern Namibia. Experience the outback of Namibia. Wild Namibia Camping. Book Now.
R3150 for 3 Days

2 day wet wild adventure is the perfect short stay adventure in the Richtersveld. It is a combination of river rafting and 4 x 4 safari trail.
R4550 for 5 Days

Join our 4-day orange river rafting trail through the Richtersveld. This is a great river rafting and outdoor adventure. Suitable for the whole family.
USD1500 for 5 Days

Join our 5 Day Chobe Camping Safari Adventure and explore the Chobe National Park combined with the Savuti region in  Botswana.
R5500 for 5 Days

5 day orange river fishing adventure will allow you to access some of the best fishing opportunities along the Orange River. 
R5850 for 5 Days

Join our new route the 5 day transfrontier river rafting trail. Rated the best orange river trail foir 2016. Book now - limited departures. 
USD1850 for 7 Days

6 Day Etosha photographic safari. Join us on an unforgettable Etosha Photographic Safari. Wildlife, game drives, waterholes and raptors.
USD1550 for 6 Days

6 day Kgalagadi Camping Safari is the perfect way to explore the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Plan your visit to the Kalahari this season.
USD2850 for 6 Days

6 day Kgalagadi Safari is a perfect introduction to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This safari will depart and end in the Northern Cape.
R5000 for 7 Days

Join our 6 day orange river rafting trail and explore the wild side of the richtersveld. Sleep under the stars and feel the flow of the orange river.
R15500 for 8 Days

This 7 Day West Coast Safari Guided Self Drive will take you on the road less travelled along the west coast of South Africa.
USD2150 for 6 Days

6 Day Botswana Photographic safari. This is a perfect opportunity to explore the wildlife and your camera skills in the Chobe National Park. 
R950 for 2 Days

Escape into the wild and take a leisure paddle to your overnight camp on the banks of the Orange River. Explore the night skies of the Richtersveld.
R7650.00 for 4 Days

The Family Rafting Experience on the Orange River is the perfect Adventure for the whole Family. Suitable for beginners and Rated Best outdoor Adventure.
R800 for 4-6 hours

Full day orange river rafting Trail: This is a perfect day adventure in the Richtersveld. The full day trip will start and end at our base camp.
R500 for 1-3 hours

Half Day Orange river rafting. This is a perfect short stay adventure option for travelers and visitors passing through the Richtersveld.
R18500 for 6 Days

Kalahari Photographic Safari will be focusing on the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Explore your Photographic skills with our experienced team. 
R9250 for 7 Days

Orange river kayaking adventure. Join our Kayaking trails and discover the hidden secrets of the Richtersveld desert this season. 
US$D4650 for 14 Days

The Windhoek Victoriafalls Safari offers the best of northern Namibia, Caprivi, Botswana and Victoria Falls. This is a wildlife and cultural safari.