Escape into the Wild

Escape into the Wild

Kayak the Orange River on our Adventure Trail
Orange River

Escape into the Wild

Escape into the Wild is ideal for visitors who want to overnight on the banks of the Orange River in the Richtersveld. Our Escape into the Wild adventure is perfect if you have a limited time frame, as it starts in the afternoon and ends the next morning. The trip starts and ends at our base camp’s location, The Growcery Camp.

We depart from our base camp at 14:30 to a spot overlooking the Nababeep Community Reserve in the Richtersveld. Our paddle will be relaxed and you can watch the impressive rock formations and bird life pass you by along the river banks.

It is a leisurely paddle and perfect for anyone without previous experience.

Escape into the Wild is a combination of paddling, hiking, and outdoor camping. Once we have arrived at our camp spot on the sandbank, we will set up camp before embarking on a sunset hike with spectacular mountain views. You can see some amazing ancient mountains and indigenous succulents of the Richtersveld.

After our sunset hike, we will return to our camp and prepare dinner on an open fire. The sandbank is the perfect venue to sleep under the celestial skies of the Richtersveld. We spend our evening around the campfire and discovering the hidden stories and treasures of the Orange River. The next morning we will have a healthy breakfast and return to The Growcery Camp.


Escape into the Wild Adventure Highlights

  • It is the perfect short stay adventure
  • Experience hiking in the Richtersveld
  • Enjoy paddling the Orange River
  • Sleeping under the stars
  • Value for money adventure


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Umkulu Adventures Includes


  • Dinner and breakfast
  • 2-man inflatable rafts, paddles, flotation devices, waterproof bags
  • Cooler boxes for drinks
  • Guided hike
Umkulu Adventures Excludes


  • Sun protection
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Bedding (sleeping bag, pillow mattress)
  • Tent (optional)
Umkulu Adventures Tour Information


DURATION: Overnight
DEPART FROM: The Growcery
Umkulu Adventures Product Pricing


Age 2019 2020
Adults R 950 R 950
Children 15-17 R 745 R 745
Children 12-14 R 650 R 650
Children 5-11 R 550 R 550
Umkulu Adventures Tour Schedule


Day 1

The tour starts at The Growcery Camp location at 2 pm. We head off on a slow paddle towards our overnight destination. Upon arrival at your bush camp, your guide will take you for a sunset stroll up the mountain. After the hike, dinner will be prepared and everyone can relax around the fire. After that, you can settle in under the stars for a relaxing night’s sleep next to the river. Dinner is included.

Day 2

In the morning your guide will prepare breakfast at camp. After breakfast, you will take a slow paddle back to The Growcery Camp. The trip ends when we arrive at camp. Feel free to take a shower after your trip. Breakfast is included.
  • The Growcery Camp Richtersveld

    The Growcery Camp Richtersveld - eco camp is situated on the banks of the Orange River. Visit our organic clan and enjoy the Richtersveld. 
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