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4-Day Orange River Rafting

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Join our 4-Day Orange River Rafting trail through the Richtersveld. This trail is a more relaxed river rafting adventure and suitable for people without any prior experience. Our 4-Day Orange River Rafting will start at our base camp, The Growcery Camp, 22 km from Vioolsdrift. We paddle down the river and get picked up near Aussenkehr farm at the end of the trail.

What to Expect on Our 4-Day Orange River Rafting Adventure

We will sleep on the banks of the Orange River, explore the Richtersveld Mountains and just enjoy the great outdoors! You are welcome to relax outside next to the fire or in your tent. This isolated part of the Richtersveld makes you feel like a real adventurer.

We take all the food we need with us and prepare meals over open fires. There are no designated campsites. We start our day with an early morning paddle. In the afternoons we will stop for a picnic-style lunch and enjoy the tranquillity of the river. In the late afternoons we have time to relax and even do some hiking in the mountains. All our camps are natural areas along the river and we respect the ecosystem by taking all our refuse with us.

We will provide you with a full packing and kit list. It is essential to have the right preparation guidelines when joining a river rafting adventure on the Orange River. We recommend that you arrive at our base camp no later than 5 pm on the first day, when our guides will welcome you upon arrival. Our evening will be spent having dinner, preparing for our adventure the following morning and relaxing around the fire.

The COVID Trail

In the pre-COVID days, we used to go through the border before embarking on this 4 Day Adventure. Due to the borders being either closed or having difficult procedures that most of our guests are unable to comply to, we decided to change our route to accommodate the majority on with the river trails.

The new route is from Henkries farm to The Growcery Camp. This means that instead of starting at The Growcery Camp on Day 2, we drive 2-3 hours to the starting point after breakfast and end at The Growcery Camp on Day 5.

This route is still just as an amazing experience as before, it is just a different section of the river. On this trail, you are in the middle of nowhere. You will still be in the Richtersveld and also experience the farmlands of the area.

The birdlife is immensely active and there will be a lot of opportunities for bird viewing.

The trip will end between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Day 5. This will depend on the water levels and nature’s variable elements. This is an adventure and nature can be unpredictable.

The drive to the starting point will be between 2-3 hours, depending on the quality of the road.

Please book your accommodation or campsite at The Growcery for day 5, before your departure or when making a booking online.

4-Day Orange River Rafting Highlights

  • Wild camping on the banks of the river
  • Excellent mountain views
  • Endless swimming opportunities
  • Hiking trails
  • Stargazing
  • Escape into the wild
  • No cellphone reception

We are Protecting the Environment:

We do not allow glass or glass containers on the river trail. Please decant glass content such as wine and spirits into plastic bottles or make use of canned products.  Our travellers will transport all waste back to our base camp. Be mindful of the mark you leave when camping in nature. We want to conserve the untouched feel and help our guests by briefing them about how we do things on the river.

The following dates are available to book.

February Special

21 – 25 February 2021 (16 spaces available @ R5000 per adult)

March-May 2021

  • 15-19 March 2021 (12 seats)
  • 22 – 26 March 2021 (16 seats)
  • 1-5 April 2021 (1 seat)
  • 2-6 April 2021 (22 seats)
  • 6-10 April 2021 (13 seats)
  • 18-22 April 2021 (22 seats)
  • 23-27 April 2021 (12 seats)
  • 27 April – 1 May 2021 (15 seats)

September – October 2021

  • 23 – 27 September 2021 (14 seats)
  • 26 – 29 September 2021
  • 28 September – 02 October 2021

  1. Read through the information provided and decide if this is the kind of adventure you want to join.
  2. Go through the available dates and decide which date will suit you best.
  3. Click on the link below and download a reservation form.
  4. Orange River Reservation Form
  5. Fill in the form and send the form to
  6. You will receive a response with an invoice or a query to adjust date (space is limited)
  7. A 35% Administration Fee will be needed in order to secure your booking.
  8. The final amount will be needed 30 days prior to arrival.
  9. When payment is made in full a confirmation will be sent to you.

Umkulu Adventures Includes


  • Camping fees on Day 1 at The Growcery Camp
  • Two-man inflatable rafts & paddles
  • Waterproof bags & flotation devices
  • Meals as indicated
  • Cooler box for drinks
  • Park fees, conservation fees
  • Transfer back to The Growcery Camp after trip
Umkulu Adventures Excludes


  • Travel arrangements to starting point
  • Drinks
  • Camping equipment
  • Bedding
  • Camping or Chic Shack accommodation on Day 5
  • Extra snacks
Umkulu Adventures Tour Information


DEPARTS FROM: The Growcery

Non-refundable Administration fee of 35% is required to secure your booking.

Umkulu Adventures Product Pricing


4-Day Orange River Rafting Rates

Age 2021
Adult R 5300
Children 15-17 yrs R 4550
Children 11-14 yrs R 4000
Children 5-10 yrs R 3650
Family of Four (Two adults+2 u/18's) R 17545
Family of Five (Two adults+3 u/18's) R 19965

Age 2022
Adult R 5800
Children 16-17 yrs R 4750
Children 12-15 yrs R 4150
Children 5-11 yrs R 3850
Family of Four(Two adults+2 u/18's) R 19140
Family of Five (Two adults+3 u/18's) R 21780
Umkulu Adventures Tour Schedule


Due to the changes that COVID19 have bought forward, we changed the route to the upper part of the river until further notice. As soon as the borders open and operate normal, we will update the route back to the Original route through the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. *Please note that all transfers are included with the price when booking your trail. (Transfer is included from The Growcery Camp – Henkries Starting Point) The current route is as follow:

Day 1

The Growcery Camp We meet all our river paddlers at The Growcery Camp, no later than 5 pm on day 1. Please notify the camp of any late arrivals. This evening will be an introduction to your river crew and a final briefing on the adventure that awaits us. Our Dinner will be around open fires and a freshly cooked meal can be expected. Our evening is relaxed and a great time can be spent under the many stars of the Richtersveld. Meals: Dinner Accommodation: Camping

Day 2

The Growcery Camp – Starting Point This morning we’ll have an early start. Breakfast & coffee will be ready on the instruction of your guide the previous night.After breakfast, we will pack our journey into the truck and drive towards the starting point. The journey will take about 2-3 hrs, so please pack a light snack for the road.You will embark on a short paddle after arriving at the starting point, this will allow the group to get into the rhythm of packing a boat and to get used to the paddling of the boat.Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Accommodation: Camping on the banks of the Orange River

Day ,3,4

The Growcery Camp – Orange River Our River adventure starts with a scrumptious breakfast this morning. The next few days will be along the banks of the Orange River. We explore the magnificent views of the Richtersveld desert and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. This route will take you through farmlands and mountain views and will give you perspective on the small economy of the bottom Orange. If you are from the city, you will paddle past the farms where your local shop’s vegetables are grown. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Accommodation: Camping on the banks of the Orange River

Day 5

Orange River – The Growcery Camp Today will be the last day of your river trail, we will end our trail either at The Bridge or at The Growcery Camp. This will all depend on the water level and the endpoint will be discussed on the first day. Meals: Breakfast

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to cancel any activity due to weather or unsafe conditions. An alternative activity will be provided wherever possible.

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  • The Growcery Camp Richtersveld

    The Growcery Camp Richtersveld - eco camp is situated on the banks of the Orange River. Visit our organic clan and enjoy the Richtersveld. 
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