River Rafting

River Rafting

These River Rafting Adventures are popular outdoor adventure activities in South Africa. Umkulu Adventures has been conducting adventures on the Orange for the past 16 years.

We have partnered with the best equipment supplier in South Africa. Our equipment is the best that we can buy and our guides are all certified and trained by APA, the African Paddling Association. We focus our experiences on the Orange River and Richtersveld Desert surrounding the river.

Our Trails

Our trails aren't dull, but suitable for beginners. Anyone can paddle and enjoy the flow of the river. The silence of the desert and the incredible rock formations take your breath away. This adventure trail is the perfect escape into the wild with campfires and camping on the riverbanks.

Our river trails all depart from our base camp near Vioolsdrift: The Growcery Camp.

Rafting on the orange is suitable for the whole family, and no previous experience is needed. A moderate level of fitness is required, and a passion for the outdoors. Our trails are all year-round. Water levels fluctuate, and a level 1-3 grading of difficulty applies to this part of the Orange River.

Come and experience the great outdoors of the Richtersveld and join our river crew on an excellent adventure!

What is inclusive in our adventure trails?

  • Two-men inflatable rafts.
  • Waterproof bags for your belongings.
  • Cooler boxes for drinks.
  • Meals - as indicated per trail.
  • Guides.
  • Park fees and conservation fees are included in our trails.
  • Take out or transfer prices at the end of each trail.
  • Camping fees at base camp on day one.

The Richtersveld is a unique mountain desert. It has little if any light pollution. It is known for rugged mountains and excellent stargazing. On these rafting trails, you have the chance to sleep under the stars and enjoy the desert's beauty.

This rafting experience is rated as one of the best outdoor adventures available in South Africa!

FROM: R3150

Our 2-Day Wet & Wild Adventure is the perfect short stay adventure in the Richtersveld. It is a combination of river rafting and a 4x4 safari trail.

FROM: R4550

Join our 4-day Orange River Rafting trail through the Richtersveld. This is a great river rafting and outdoor adventure. Suitable for the whole family.

FROM: R5850

Our 5-day Orange River Fishing Adventure will allow you to access some of the best fishing opportunities along the Orange River. 

FROM: R5850

Join our new route the 5 day transfrontier river rafting trail. Rated the best orange river trail in 2019. Book now - Limited Departures. 

FROM: R5000

Join our 6-Day Orange River Rafting trail and explore the wild side of the Richtersveld. Sleep under the stars and eat meals made on open fires.

FROM: R950

Escape into the Wild is ideal for visitors who want to overnight next to the Orange River. Enjoy river rafting, hiking and meals prepared over a fire.

FROM: R7650

The Family Rafting Experience on the Orange River is the perfect Adventure for the whole Family. Suitable for beginners and Rated Best outdoor Adventure.

FROM: R800

Our Full-Day Orange River Rafting Trail is the perfect one day adventure in the Richtersveld. Come paddle exciting rapids and enjoy lunch on the river.

FROM: R500

The Half-Day Orange River Rafting trail is a perfect short stay adventure for travellers passing through the Richtersveld and Orange River region.

FROM: R9250

Orange river kayaking adventure. Join our Kayaking trails and discover the hidden secrets of the Richtersveld desert this season. 

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