Kalahari Safaris

Kalahari Safaris

Kalahari Safaris offer you the Kalahari experience of a lifetime. The Kalahari is a magical place and not at all what it seems. There is a large number of nocturnal creatures beneath the surface. These nocturnal animals are active at night time and often in camp during your visit to the Kalahari.

This semi-desert region is well known for its red dunes. These dunes form part of a unique biosphere. This vast area is perfect for the expedition-style mobile safaris that we offer.

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is readily accessible with standard sedan motors. The park has well-maintained gravel roads that have corrugated after season visitors. It is easy to get around in the park, and the main routes are well signposted. You receive a map when entering the park, and the directions are clear and informative. It is advised to select your accommodation or camp well in advance to ensure availability.

Kalahari Safaris

The Kalahari crossing refers to crossing the transfrontier park. Our Kalahari Safaris offer a combination of these areas all in one safari trip. We have combined a visit to Kgalagadi and  Mabuasehube and central Kalahari. You will require an average level of 4 x 4 experience and a sense of adventure when partaking on this trail. It is not recommended to travel and cross the Kalahari with only one vehicle. This part of the Kalahari is remote. It is strongly advised to undertake the right preparations before embarking on the Kalahari adventure of a lifetime.

The Kalahari has endless horizons and spectacular sunsets. Travelling over this vast semi-desert adds a sense of expedition to your visit. We offer a guided safari or guided self-drive trail through this remote part of the Kalahari. Our camps are unfenced and equipped with the bare essentials. The unfenced fields allow us to experience the Kalahari on a ground level. Few things beat the Kalahari noise and an open fire.

Kalahari is known for soaring temperature in summer and cold winter nights. It is always good to prepare for the seasons, before travelling to the Kalahari. The yearly rain clouds often struggle to penetrate the high-pressure system. The raining season results in high temperatures. During the raining season, there are dramatic cloud formations and backdrops. You are welcome to join us on a Kalahari experience, rather than a Kalahari tour. We have a dedicated passion for the Kgalagadi and all its inhabitants.

You can select a variety of Kalahari safaris according to your sense of adventure, budget and interest. Our safaris are flexible, and you can book your private Kalahari experience.

Why Kalahari Safaris?

Small Groups are essential for wildlife expeditions.
Our Team is Flexible on private groups.
Experience and Knowledgable guides.
Excellent photographic opportunities.
Magnificent landscapes.


The Kalahari Lodge Safari will lead you through the heart of the Kalahari. Experience the ultimate Kalahari Safari on this adventure.

FROM: ZAR38500

14 Day Cape to Kgalagadi Safari explores the West coast, Namaqualand, Richtersveld, and Kalahari.Best of the Northern Cape.


The 14 day Kalahari crossing safari will cross from Kgalagadi to Mabuasehube. Explore the best of the vast Landscapes of the Kalahari


Kgalagadi Camping Safari is the perfect way to explore the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Plan your visit to the Kalahari this season.


6 day Kgalagadi Safari is a perfect introduction to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This safari will depart and end in the Northern Cape.

FROM: R18500

Kalahari Photographic Safari will be focusing on the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Explore your Photographic skills with our experienced team. 

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