River Rafting

Join our new route the 5 day transfrontier river rafting trail. Rated the best orange river trail foir 2016. Book now - limited departures. 

5 day orange river fishing adventure will allow you to access some of the best fishing opportunities along the Orange River. 

Join our 4-day orange river rafting trail through the Richtersveld. This is a great river rafting and outdoor adventure. Suitable for the whole family.

Join our 6 day orange river rafting trail and explore the wild side of the richtersveld. Sleep under the stars and feel the flow of the orange river.

Orange river kayaking adventure. Join our Kayaking trails and discover the hidden secrets of the Richtersveld desert this season. 

2 day wet wild adventure is the perfect short stay adventure in the Richtersveld. It is a combination of river rafting and 4 x 4 safari trail.

Escape into the wild and take a leisure paddle to your overnight camp on the banks of the Orange River. Explore the night skies of the Richtersveld.

Half Day Orange river rafting. This is a perfect short stay adventure option for travelers and visitors passing through the Richtersveld.

Full day orange river rafting Trail: This is a perfect day adventure in the Richtersveld. The full day trip will start and end at our base camp.