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The Kalahari and Richtersveld

The Kalahari and Richtersveld

The Kalahari and Richtersveld

By hennie | April 29, 2020 | Featured

Kalahari and Richtersveld.

The Northern Cape is the largest province in South Africa. The vast Northern Cape has endless horizons, with magnificent views. In the heart of the Arid region lies the Richtersveld and Kalahari regions. Two of the most extreme biospheres in South Africa. One of the best camping adventures and 4 x 4 routes are a combination of these two regions.

After working and exploring these two regions, the past 25years, I have come to realise that these regions are unique. It is unique in the sense that these arid regions offer a wildness in South Africa. One of the significant factors is a small number of people living in the northern cape. Smallest population in South Africa. All the more reasons to undertake an adventure and start exploring the Kalahari and Richtersveld.

The Ultimate Road Trip.

On my last adventure, I followed the gravel roads from the Kalahari towards the Richtersveld. The Kalahari is on the list of one of the best wildlife destinations in South Africa. The colours of the Kalahari are what people always mention. The red dunes and yellow grass of the Kalahari. The roar of the lions, the night owls, the springbok jumping and the ever-present Gemsbok or Oryx antelope. Many a traveller refers to this antelope as the ” spies bok”.

One thing that these two destinations have in common is the unpolluted night skies of Southern Africa. I am confident that there are not many places left in the world where stargazing and nights are so enjoyable as in these two regions.

I will recommend that you take the slow road and make your way towards the Northern Cape. Start exploring the Richtersveld and then make your way along the Orange River towards the Kalahari. There are many small roads, 4 x 4 trails and some friendly well run value for money destinations along the way.

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The Growcery Richtersveld Camp

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