4 Day Orange River Rafting

4 Day Orange River Rafting

4-day orange river rafting
4-day orange river rafting
4-day orange river rafting
4-day orange river rafting
4-day orange river rafting
4-day orange river rafting
4-day orange river rafting
4-day orange river rafting

4 Day Orange River Rafting

Join our 4-day orange river rafting trail through the Richtersveld. The 4-day orange river rafting trail is a low-impact river rafting adventure and suitable for people without any prior experience. Our 4-day orange river rafting will start at our base camp. Our Base Camp is the Growcery Camp 22 km from Vioolsdrift and ends at Aussenkehr farm.

What to expect on this 4-Day Rafting Adventure

We sleep on the banks of the Orange River. We explore the Richtersveld Mountains and enjoy the great outdoors. You are welcome to relax outside next to the fire or in your tent. The isolated part of the Richtersveld makes you feel like a real adventurer.

Our River Rafters will transport the food in food buckets on each raft. There are no designated campsites. We will explore the banks of the Orange River. We start our day with an early morning paddle. In the afternoons we will stop for a picnic style lunch and enjoy the tranquillity of the river. In the late afternoons we have time to relax and even do some hiking in the mountains. All our camps are natural areas along the river. All meals are prepared freshly on open fires.

We will provide you with a full packing and kit list. It is essential to have the right preparation guidelines when joining a river rafting adventure on the Orange River. We recommend that you arrive at our base camp no later than 5 pm on the first day. Our guides will welcome you upon arrival. Our evening will be spent listening to a final briefing before we embark on our adventure the following morning.

We are Protecting the Environment:

We do not allow glass or glass containers on the river trail. Please decanter all glass content to plastic bottles.  Our Travellers will transport all waste back to our base camp. Please decanter supplies to plastic containers or make use of cans.

4-Day Orange River Rafting Highlights.

  • Enjoy the Wild camping on the banks of the river.
  • Excellent Mountain Views.
  • Endless swimming in the river.
  • Hiking trails along the river.
  • Star Gazing.
  • Escape into the Wild.
  • No Cellphone reception.

10% Discount on the following Dates:

  • 26 – 30 September 2019

Please enquiry about this discount while space is still available!

Join us on a 6 Day Orange River Rafting adventure for an extra two days.

Save our African rivers.
NB – No client will be allowed on the river without a Valid Passport and Unabridged Birth Certificate for minors.

Umkulu Adventures Includes


  • Camping fees on Day 1 at The Growcery camp
  • Two man inflatable rafts
  • Dry bags & Floatation devices
  • Meals as shown
  • Cooler box for drinks
  • Park fees, conservation fees,
  • Transfer back to Camp after trail.
Umkulu Adventures Excludes


  • Own Travel arrangements to starting point
  • Own drinks
  • Own camping equipment
  • Own camera's
  • Own Camping Fees Day 5.
  • Own extra Snacks
Umkulu Adventures Tour Information


DEPART FROM: The Growcery
Umkulu Adventures Product Pricing


Adults R 4550
Children 16 - 17
R 4150
Children 12 - 15 R 3650
Children 5-11 R 3350
Umkulu Adventures Tour Schedule


Day 1

The Growcery Base Camp

Arrive at our base camp and check-in time is no later than 5 p.m. Your guides will meet and brief you upon arrival. They will also show you where you’ll be camping and introduce you to the facilities we have to offer. You will get your dry bag and your cooler box as you arrive at your campsite. Use this time while it is still daylight to pack your drybag and sort through the gear you will be taking on the river. Dinner is at 8 pm, after dinner, your guide will give a quick briefing, and the last arrangement is discussed around the campfire. Dinner

Day 2,3,4

Orange River – River Rafting

Our river rafting adventure starts this morning after breakfast. We will explore the Richtersveld on our rafting trip for the next three day. A great outdoor adventure awaits us. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 5

Orange River – The Growcery Camp.

We end our river rafting adventure at around 10 – 11 am in the morning and will transfer back to our starting point the Growcery camp. Dinner will be at The Growcery Camp, and we then end off our trip around the campfire. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • The Growcery Camp Richtersveld

    The Growcery Camp Richtersveld - eco camp is situated on the banks of the Orange River. Visit our organic clan and enjoy the Richtersveld.