Guided Self-Drive Safaris

Guided self-drive safaris are the latest addition to Umkulu Adventures. We have added this safari style due to the popular demand of our clients and travellers. The guided self-drive safaris are unique because we have chosen some excellent routes and destinations. We offer you local knowledge and backup.

Our guided self-drive safaris are perfect for the traveller seeking adventure but lacking awareness and experience of the area. These safaris have some 4x4 trails and will take us on the road less travelled. Our guided vehicles will communicate and brief you daily. We offer our bush skills and passion for these remote routes.

Self-drive safaris are best suited for those travellers that want to explore more remote areas of Southern Africa. You have the reassurance of a professional guide and a backup system. We take satellite phones on our guided safaris. Our Tour leaders and guides will have a daily briefing with all our travellers.

Guided Self Drive Safaris Destinations.


  • Kaokoland.
  • Damaraland.
  • Caprivi.
  • Bushmanland.

Guided self drives


Guided self drive safaris

South Africa

  • Explore the West Coast, Namaqualand and Richtersveld.


  • Visit the best of Zambia along with a Wildebeest Migration in Luiwa Plains.

We offer scheduled departures on our guided self-drive safaris with a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 12 people per safari. You can also select your own private guided self-drive safari. These private safaris will be subject to the availability of our guides. Our vehicles are pickups, but we can also offer passenger carriers to those travellers that don't have a 4x4 car. This Passenger vehicle will enable them to join a self-drive with their friends.

The advantage of guided self-drive safaris in small groups. Most of our self drive routes are on the roads less travelled. Self Drive Safari is the perfect educational safari with the freedom of the 4x4 driving adventure. Our vehicles have radios, and we offer handhelds to cars with no radio communications.

You will receive a list of what is required to join our safaris. The preparation of your vehicle is essential when joining a guided self-drive safari. You can select any of our recommended safaris. You can contact us to tailor-make your guided self-drive safari.

Please adhere to the adventure and let us guide you. If you have a private group of travellers and a unique safari in mind, please consult our team to assist with planning and organising your expedition. It is essential to select the right vehicle for the chosen self-driving route. Sometimes, cheaper options are not the best for 4 x 4 Vehicles.

Guided Self Drive Safaris